Siwa Oasis

It located 560 km  from Cairo. Going to Siwa Consider a unique chance to experience new things, you will enjoy your hot sand bath at Dakrour Mountain which make you relax. You will also enjoy swimming in salt and fresh water at lakes of Bir Wahed.  Siwa has a historical importance you can discover by visiting The House Museum & the Old Fortress of Shali and the Oracle Temple where you will see the coronation hall of Alexander the Great. Don’t miss a a siwan dinner under the stars and beside the fire

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is located in the Eastern South of Egypt on the red sea coast. It is famous for its sunny weather all year. Marsa Alam has the most important diving sites where you can enjoy watching the rare coral reefs and enjoy swimming with dolphin. Don’t miss to try surfing the waves , and prasailing in Marsa Alam.


Alexandria is the mermaid of the Mediterranean sea , it located in northern Egypt. Its famous for the great lighthouse which was one of the seven wonders of the  world. Alexandria has a great history and different sightseeing you can enjoy. including the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa , King Farouk Palace , National Museum , Roman Amphitheatre. You can also enjoy visiting Alexandria Library which have a copy of any book published in the world. Don’t miss a visit to the fascinating Citadel of Qaitbay and a boat Tour to enjoy the marvelous sea.


Cairo is the capital of Egypt. We can call the land of civilization. it consider the origin of pharonic , Coptic and Islamic History. When you visit Cairo you must prepare yourself to a journey in the past centuries in different period of time. Begin Your visits with a tour to The Egyptian Museum where you will enjoy King TUT ANKH AMOUN Comb treasures and other Pharaohs  fantastic monuments. Leaving the pharaohs history you can enjoy knowing the Coptic history by a visit to the Coptic Museum and The historical churches in Old Cairo. Don’t miss a tour to Mohamed Ali Mosque and  Salah El Din Citadel which represent the islamic history. you can’t leave Cairo without buying Souvenirs From Khan EL Khalili Street.

Al Giza

It is the second important city in Egypt. it located next to Cairo The Capital of Egypt. Your visit will not be complete with out a full day tour to Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. Enjoy Khufu Pyramids which considered one of the seven world wonders. You will be fascinated by the great pharaoh architecture.Then prepare your self to enter a new adventure in Memphis City it’s a historical city located in Al Giza. Where you can enjoy discovering the oldest step pyramids in Egypt which is called Sakkara Pyramids. Al Giza City must be in your to do List.

Saint Catherine Monastery

It is the most important religious site in Sinai, it is located at the foot of Mosas Mountain. it consider the oldest opened  monastery With over 200 religious landmarks, including Arab mosaics, Greek and Russian icons, Western oil paintings, paintings on wax, fine sacerdotal ornaments, marbles and more.

After your visit to the monastery you mustn’t miss a wonderful tour to the top of Mosas Mountain to enjoy watching the sun rise all over Sinai.


It is a city located in the west desert 95 Km from Cairo. it has a wonderful nature where you will enjoy the pure air. it’s the ideal place for nature tourism. Enjoy  different species of birds  at quaroon lake which considered the oldest natural lakes in the world. In el Fayoum you can find the Seven water wheels built by the Greek settlers.pick a day to go to enjoy the wildlife at Wadi Rayan which consists of two lakes connected by a waterfall

Sharm Elsheikh

It located in southern Sinai, it has a  group of the most luxuries hotels around the world. If you want to enjoy  snorkeling and diving in a clear water so that Sharm El Sheikh is your destination. It has a nice weather all over the year. You can enjoy a tour to experience real Bedouin life, enjoy watching sunset over Sharm Desert ,ride a camel,and enjoy  eating  traditional food. If you need to relax and enjoy your vacation, don’t hesitate to go to Sharm El Sheikh.


A city where the beauty of the land combine with the beauty under the sea . Hurghada Located on the Red Sea . where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving to see the colorful coral reefs and the rare species of fish living under  the Turquoise water which embody a beautiful painting of nature.In hurghada  you can enjoy the Bedouin life style for one day by experiencing safari by jeep or quad bike. Hurghada is a destination you can’t miss when you come to Egypt.


It is that city which located south egypt . it is not just a city it’s a book telling you the story of egypt

From your first step in aswan you can see those kind people smiling at your face, smelling that fresh breeze of aswan will made your day, in aswan you can discover the beuty of the nile with a nice felukka ,

you can’t miss to be a witness on the great pharoes at the marvelous temple of abu simple .

you can spend a great vacation in aswan enjoying discovering new places like philae temple , The High Dam, Unfinished obelisk, nubian museum and kalabsha Temple.


Luxor consider the city of treasures , it contains approximately two third of world’s monuments, it’s the perfect choice for the Cultural tourism, It located south of Egypt, The Nile divides the city into two banks, the west and the east bank, you must prepare your self well to be taken  into a great history in Luxor. You will enjoy your tour to the west bank where you can discover the valley of kings and Hatshebsut Temple. There is also the east bank where you can find Luxor Temple and The Karnak Temple.

Luxor is known as the world’s largest open museum.